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much younger than the

much younger than the

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Question: The Big Sur Half Marathon is much younger than the 25 year old Big Sur International Marathon. Why did you add the half? Answer: We had a strategic planning meeting, the first one we ever had, in 1999. Because the marathon is restricted by many factors in growth, we just can’t grow it.

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But this is more than a name change: Mercedes has added more kit, too.That means the most basic C Class you can buy now comes with a sports grille, LED daytime running lights, new 16 inch alloy wheels and imitation leather seats. All of that comes for only 35 more than the outgoing SE, so our C220 CDI Executive SE saloon sells for 28,305.Aside from the extra kit, Mercedes has also made the dials a little easier to read and the indicator stalk simpler to use by moving it further from the cruise control stalk.But the changes end there, and despite the generous equipment list, the Executive SE’s interior looks a bit bland, with too much dark plastic.Mercedes hasn’t made any changes to the way the C Class drives, so buyers can expect the same great all round ability that has made it so popular.While the 16 inch wheels on the Executive SE look a bit small, they do wonders for ride comfort. A C Class with larger wheels is sometimes jittery on rough roads, but the Executive SE seems to float over them and makes short work of speed bumps and potholes.It’s worth noting that the small wheels reduce CO2 emissions to 116g/km; the car emits 133g/km on 18 inch wheels.It all goes to show there’s absolutely nothing wrong with opting for the most basic C Class you can buy in fact, there are some very good reasons why you should.