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display is likely

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Northern Lights to be visible from UK tonight and here’s how to see dazzling displayAurora Watch UK has issued a Red Alert stating that the light display is likely to be visible by eye and camera from anywhere in the country15:17, 26 OCT 2016Updated15:50, 26 OCT 2016The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in Sweden (Image: Getty) Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailThe Northern Lights are set to the dazzle the skies above Britain tonight.Aurora Watch UK has issued a Red Alert stating that the light display known as an Aurora Borealis is likely to be visible by eye and camera from anywhere in the country.To see them, you’ll need to have clear dark skies overhead and be away from light pollution from towns and cities meaning that open spaces like Bodmin moor could be the perfect viewing platform, the West Briton reports.Although sightings are not guaranteed, some lucky stargazers have spotted the spectacle, as shown by photographer Alan Danby from South Molton, Devon, who took this brilliant picture.Photographer Mike Slater captured this photo of the Northern Lights from his home in Tiverton, Devon.Mike said it was a relatively rare event to see the Aurora Borealis in Devon. He took the photo on Tuesday night from his home at Chettiscombe.Stunning Northern Lights captured on camera as dazzling display illuminates the skies above the UKThe Northern Lights are caused by particles emitted by the sun colliding with molecules in the upper atmosphere of the Earth. The colour depends on which gases the particles hit.The Met Office said: “The lights occur as a consequence of solar activity and result from collisions of charged particles in the solar wind colliding with molecules in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.Amazing images of the Northern Lights, lightning and the inside of clouds that pilots see from above”When the magnetic polarity of the solar wind is opposite to the Earth’s magnetic field, the two magnetic fields combine allowing these energetic particles to flow into the Earth’s magnetic north and south poles.”Oxygen gives off green light when hit 60 miles above the Earth.

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